The Blithedale Canyon House

It was a true honor to get to work with our client at 351 Corte Madera Avenue, who was ready to turn the keys over and start his new chapter in Davis, California. 

In need of a little TLC, the home was in good condition when we arrived and showed tons of potential to appeal to today's home buyers with some light cosmetic updates. Tucked in Blithedale Canyon and surrounded by towering redwood trees, we wanted everything to feel natural and cozy, like a cabin - but also clean, bright and modern. Incorporating the outdoors was at the top of our list as we prepped this home for the market. 



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351CorteMadera 25 MLS.jpg

To brighten and bring the interior up to date we refinished the hardwood floors, painted the interior walls & kitchen / bath cabinets white, replaced the carpet on the lower level and upgraded all light fixtures.  


The Living Room

Objective: Create a modern, cozy living space that embraces the outdoors

We painted the interior white and refinished the wood floors to a more modern whitewash finish. Once staging took place the room immediately felt like a big, modern tree house that you just want to cozy up in at the end of a long day.


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The Kitchen

Objective: Make good use of the existing footprint to create a bright, open kitchen.

The original kitchen felt dark and dated. We wanted to create a space that makes a buyer say, "YES! Must cook here". By painting the cabinets white and upgrading the lighting fixtures we were able to make the kitchen look and feel bigger, brighter and much more inviting. 





351CorteMadera 29 MLS.jpg

The Master Suite

Objective: Utilize windows and the pitch of the roof to accentuate how big and bright the space is

Dark paint colors and curtains inevitably make a room feel dull. By removing the window treatments and brightening the paint colors, it was almost effortless to bring out the master bedrooms true potential.


Photo Feb 03, 1 23 33 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 03, 1 23 39 PM.jpg


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The Two Bedrooms

Objective: Create modern, multi-purpose bedrooms

It's really amazing what a fresh coat of paint, new light fixtures and incredible staging can do for a home. We often stage larger additional bedrooms with twin beds so buyers can get a feel for a rooms capacity. The third bedroom is typically staged as a teen or guest bedroom to accommodate buyers needs for either older kids, guests or additional family members.



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The Family Room

Objective: Update a room that is multifunctional as an entertainment / media room, homework den and play room.



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The Exterior

Objective: Transform the home’s style to a bright, modern farmhouse

With the home surrounded by trees we wanted to make it really pop. We painted the batten board siding a crisp white with cool black window frames, a glossy black front door and industrial black lighting fixtures to give it that modern farmhouse vibe. We also cleaned up the exterior landscaping to frame the home and freshen up the entrance.



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The Million Dollar Question...

After we prep a home we always ask ourselves, do we think we would have seen the same results if the home was in its original condition? We'll let you be the judge.