Welcome to Belvedere

Belvedere homes for sale provide island living, without the island. Large historic homes perched on hillsides, with commanding views of San Francisco bay define Belvedere, one of the most desired locations in the Bay Area. With waterfront vistas that rival the Cote de Azur (and prices to match) Belvedere is one of Marin's most exclusive enclaves.

Waterfront activities are the reason many move to Belvedere. Located on two former islands now filled in with causeways, and separated by a private lagoon popular with kayakers, and kids learning to sail, Belvedere is all about water. The San Francisco Yacht Club is within walking distance.

While the median age of Belvedere was once in the upper 50s, the town manager reports that increasingly families with young children are calling Belvedere home. That's because Belvedere is pricey. The lowest priced homes, and those that need work, start well north of a million dollars. Those in the upper echelons fetch tens of millions of dollars. That is, when they go on sale.





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